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Water Saving Technology for Evaporative Cooled Systems

Water availability for plant and building operations is a primary strategic business concern.  The availability of water for evaporative applications will be scarce in many areas based on ten to twenty year climatic projections. Increased regulations on potable water use, water treatment and disposal costs may further limit the practicality of using evaporative only cooled equipment.

Manufacturers of evaporative cooled equipment have recently introduced various hybrid systems to help their customers comply with water use restrictions. Hybrid systems may incorporate an evaporative coil and dry coil in series, separate dry coil circuits above the discharge air stream or the addition of extended fins to bare coils. The most recent hybrids include wetted adiabatic pads or misting nozzles on the air intakes that reduce the incoming dry bulb to the dry condenser.

This presentation will describe the various hybrid technologies, their water saving potential, operational pros and cons and recent verification testing programs of their actual versus advertised water savings. 


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