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Please join us for our May 13th meeting:

2015 May Chapter Meeting

ASHRAE Society President-Elect T. David Underwood, P.E.

T. David Underwood, P.Eng., Fellow ASHRAE, Life Member, CPMP, Oakville, resides in Ontario, Canada. As ASHRAE’s president for 2015-16, Underwood will chair the Society’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee.  His presidential theme is “Making Connections.”

“’Making Connections’ focuses on the first goal in ASHRAE’s Strategic Plan, which calls for connecting as a way to foster vibrant, informed and engaged ASHRAE and industry communities,” Underwood said. “The theme focuses not only on the connections of ASHRAE membership but extends to connecting with industry, communities, governments and globally.”

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Idaho ASHRAE Chapter meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of each month 11:45 am - 1:00 pm, typically at the Idaho Power Headquarters Building (1221 W. Idaho St.) unless noted otherwise.

Idaho ASHRAE does not meet in the summer (June-August), but please join us for our annual golf tournament in June!

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